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Problem adding Qubino Flush Shutter

Guest shared this question 8 years ago
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I have two Qubino Flush Shutter ZMNHCA2. I can add devices without any problem to my z-wave network. I see both devices in the Device manager (Qubino Class B Motor Control). But in the device browser I see nothing.


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I hade similar problems. After I included the Qubino Flush Shutter and after I had marked several endpoints as "show as device" the results in the device manager have been weird. Exclusion and inclusion again did not help.

I could only switch on/off (up and down) and the rules with some endpoints were not working.

In the end I marked the multistate actuator as device and used "Blinds" as type. Now I can use the device more or less as I wanted to. However Configuration is possible only by knowing excatly what the parameters are.

I guess the Qubino Flush Shutter is not fully supported by ZIPATO.


Thank you for your answer Michael.

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