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Problem whith the buttom 1 and buttom 2 and 433 MHz antenn

Willard Nahlin shared this problem 6 years ago

I have problem whith the buttom 1 and buttom 2

To begin with, I got problems with screwing the antenna for 433 MHz bracket spun around and sat not properly secured in zipato box.

When I opened the drawer see what was wrong because they will aid the entire antenna mount spinning when I skuvade on the antenna.

When I opened the box fell 2 plastic pieces that are positioned in the holes of the buttom buttom 1 and 2 (the third piece of plastic stuck) my problem now is that I do not know how these plastic pieces to be reassembled.

There is a small triangle on one side of the short end that I think will sit on the board because the piece of plastic that is not loose have a small rectangle on the board, but if the triangle pointing left or right, I am very unsure.

Strange that the mount for the 433 MHz antenna was not glued properly in the box?

I had expected a bit more quality on the box mounting details, it just seems to be a little less quality product.

Yes now I need to know exactly how the plastic pieces to be his and not just guess how it was originally.

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