Problem with storage @ device configuration

Daniel Liedström shared this idea 2 months ago
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I'm having trouble storing device changes in the configuration. For example, when I change from bi-stable to mono-stable the unit does not store the change, I also set a unit to auto off in 30 sec and want to change it so it does not store it either.

What do I do to make this work ??

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Hi Daniel.

What type of device are you trying to update?

Do you "send" the new parameter setting and then save and sync?


Hi Henning!

I have many different devices* and it does not matter which of them I try to change parameters in, they are not saved when I press save. I have had my Zipato for about 3 years it has worked before it is something that has emerged now!

Here's how I do it:

I go to the device manager on the left side of the browser, select the device I want to change I do not open the device but select settings in the "main device" there after the second tab "configure" when I then changed what I want, among other things, to automatically switching off, or changing from BI-stable to mono-stable, then I press save above the tabs. The browser says the saving was successful but when I go in to check my changes they are not changed and back to what they were before. It does not help to press save and to update at the top left.

*Qubino for ceiling lights

Fibaro and some China wall plugs that work better than Fibaro!

Fibaro smoke detector

Door and window detectors from both China and Philio.

Aeotec Siren


I got the same problem with all my Qubino devices!


I too have had several problems for a few days


for now I have removed the daily restart


About the qubino problem.

This is how I made it work.

Go to the device manager on the left side of the browser and open the device settings, then open the second tab "configure".

Click on the text to the LEFT of the selection box. This gives you a new menu "SEND" RETRIEVE" "CANCEL"

Change the selection box to the setting you want and press "SEND" and wait for Confirmation.

Press save above the tabs and the browser should say the saving was successful.

Now it should work.