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Publish information about which firmware and mobile app-versions that work together!

Erik M shared this idea 7 years ago
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I would like to see a table of which mobile app-versions and firmwares that work good together (shares the same features and is tested to work.)

If for instance I'm forced to remain on an older firmware or go to the Beta to make something work it would be nice to know which mobile app-version that supports that firmware the best.

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on Zipatile 1.1.23 (beta):

Novalauncher from Teslacoil Software - Works fine

Out of Milk shopping list - Works fine

Microsoft Outlook - works fine (gmail account. Exchange not teste yet)


@Jose Such at table would be good too....

I meant the Firmware of the zipato device versus the version on the Zipato App. :)


I'm still trying to figure out the software architecture that zipato implemented on zipatile but i believe the firmware doesn't constraint 3rd party apps compatibility.

the apps i mentioned before work on:

zipatile v1.1

android version 5.0.2

kernel version 3.10.37 with build number Zipatile-v1.0.3

the 3 zipato "apps" that i believe could influence compatibility may be:

Internal (1.0.10)

zipatile (1.1.0)

what i still don't understand is why i have Zipato app v.4.0.4 in my android phone, but zipato app v.1.1.1 in zipatile. Why different versions?

the firmware version i see in control center is beta 1.1.23

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