Qubino DIN Dimmer not visible in V3

Esa Åby shared this problem 10 months ago


I know V3 is not officially released, but still I'm migrating to it as I have so few devices still. I like to try also to see how your new version (PC and Android) are performing.

I noticed that Qubino ZMNHSD1 DIN Dimmer Module did not show in V3 dashboard, not in PC control center and not in Android app.

I was able to successfully register DIN module with mobile, which was very convenient, but it does not show in https://my3.zipato.com/ and does not show in new Android app.

In https://my.zipato.com/ I can see it

And I like how I see other devices with their manufacturer pictures and info in new Android app, but Quibino seem not to be recognized.


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You have to include this device under V3. Please exclude the device and then including it again with an PC under my3.zipato.com


All devices which are supported by Zipato are having their internal Descriptors inside the Zipato platform. Qubino ZMNHSD1 DIN Dimmer Module is also having one.

However, in order for device to be usable in the new Zipato APP, descriptor has to upgraded first and this descriptor for Qubino ZMNHSD1 DIN Dimmer Module is no upgraded yet. Once we upgrade the descriptor, you will see it properly as all other supported devices within the new Zipato App.


Ok, will wait for that upgrade to happen then. Meanwhile I can control them from PC device browser and from wall switch of course. Since I can see them in web interface, I'll try tomorrow if they work with rules.