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Qubino Flush 2 relays, association issue

Philippe Petit shared this problem 8 years ago

Hi everybody,

It's impossible to make an association with one or the other of the 2 channels of this 2 relays device.

You can just associate with the liveline of it that triggers both of the relays in the same time.

When you look at the different groups of this device we find 3 groups:

1- The liveline

2 - The first channel

3 - The second channel

Please provide us with the possibilty to differentiate both of the channels in association manager.

This differenciation is already done in the rule creator. (channels are found as: EP1 and EP2)


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I am not sure that I understand your problem. My Flush 2 relay shows all 3 groups in the Association Manager.

What do you meean with EP1 and EP2 in the rule creator?

I do have other problems with association. Some of my devices have no active Associastion Manager (grayed). Some others of the same type have access to the Association Manager. Why? I prefere associations over simple rules.


Perhaps yours is of a previous generation, mine is the latest generation

Here is how it appears in the device manager, and why I call the channels EP1 and 2:


What I can manage is the association of a device on group 2 to 8 from the Qubino management panel.

But I can't do the reverse: from another device panel, associate this device toward a channel of the qubino device.

In fact I use a transceiver switch Everspring HAC01 to set up a multi switch lighting circuit without wiring.

This HAC01 sends On/Off orders to the qubino through the controller, but I'd like to set up an association in case of offline controller...


Mine Qubino Flush 2 looks like this:


It's a v1 version

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