Qubino Flush RGBW Dimmer

Jānis shared this question 3 months ago


Maybe someone has Qubino dimmer and can tell me that i need to change so it shows as a switch in web app too.

In web browser it shows as a bulb (i can only change color and intensity of LED bulbs) in mobile app it shows both as a bulb and as a switch (i can change state on/off).

In device manager I tried to add binary actuator as device but it didn't helped.

Maybe i need to change device type to something else than RGBW bulb but what? Because i can't find "Light Dimmer Switch" as device type in zipato drop down list.


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Please submit a ticket with provided details about your Zipato controller (serial number) and the Qubino Dimmer (device name in device manager) and we will look into it.