Questions about SIA / Alarm Integration with Zipato

Alberto Macias shared this question 6 years ago

A few weeks ago my vacation home was broken into, some stuff was stolen from it. I'm looking into install a security system using Zipato, however, since this house is alone for the most of the time I want to integrate with a security system. I know SIA integration is coming if not already integrated to Zipato, if I can I would rather install a Zipato system and then tie it into a service provider using SIA standard rather than buy an alarm and then rip it off to install a zipato system.

My questions are;

1. Is SIA integration ready? if not, when it is planned to be completed?

2. Will it work with any brand using SIA standard or only certain brands. In mexico ADT is the most popular but other providers use Honewell equipment.

3. How does Zipato controllers connect to the service providers? Do I still need an alarm central from them?

Thanks for the information.

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Hi Alberto,

Zipato controllers can communicate through SIA DC-009 protocol. SIA is set of protocols supported by most monitoring stations, but not all of them support DC-009 version so you have to check with your monitoring station is it available or not.

Once you interconnect with monitoring station, they will receive events directly from the Zipato local server.



Thanks for the information, I'm not familiar with the SIA standard all I know is due some research on the web I did so bare with me, if I understand correctly I won't need an alarm central at home from any of the service providers (i. e. ADT), this option will allow any zipatile / zipabox to send security notifications right into their monitoring station wherever in the world it is (if uses SIA DC-009 protocol) without the need of anything else correct?

I assume some configurations would have to be made in the zipato controller correct? if internet goes down then no alerts will be sent correct? Is SIA protocol fully functional on zipato controllers?

Thank you.


hi sebastian

It would be good to make a demonstration video of how this SIA DC-009 protocol is configured in the zipato controller.I tried to do it once and it did not work.

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