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Questions on using the security Module

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First of all congratulations on the nice security features of the Zipabox. I've been researching them for a long time and so far it seems great! I do have some questions though and felt it would be better to put them here than to send you and e-mail as here others can benefit as well from your answers.

  • If I want to add a device to the security module to use them as part of rules but not as part of the alarm, basically I just have to unhide the zone to which I connected the device in the zipabox but avoid adding it to a partition in the zipabox security widget right?
  • For securely arming and disarming the alarm: I would prefer to use a wired keypad but understand that there are no generic ones and thus the security module can't work with them. Is the Zipato RFID Mini Keypad RFID/Z-Wave (and it's nephews) the only available solution or are there others?
  • Is it possible to have one Zipato RFID Mini Keypad RFID/Z-Wave downstairs and one upstairss The one downstairs would be used to enable the arm away mode, the one upstairs for the arm home mode. The use case is that in Home mode the sensors upstairs are not activated so that we can go to the toilet.
  • On this page ( at the very end there is some confusing text that if you want to use the arming and disarming safely it would only work for three persons. I would like to have 5 RFID tags for 5 persons which they can use to arm and disarm in "Away mode". I would then also like to have one Code to arm and disarm in "Away mode". Finally I would like to have one code to arm and disarm in "Home mode" (preferrably using a second RFID keypad upstairs). Is this possible or not?
  • The zone wiring choices don't seem logical, these are the options:

  1. Normally closed zone
  2. Single End-of-Line resistor Zone
  3. Double End-of-Line resistor Zone

  • I would expect the following options:

  1. Normally closed zone
  2. Normally closed Single End-of-Line resistor Zone
  3. Normally closed Double End-of-Line resistor Zone
  4. Normally open zone
  5. Normally open Single End-of-Line resistor Zone

I found this diagram for this device: Wired-LD-12-water-detector-switch-contact-image-500x500

The manual also shows connection examples: 7e82813bf7977d5584246de1b7553ec8

As you can see it only uses three wires (two for power and one for signal, choose between yellow or blue depending on whether you want normally open or normally closed) instead of four (2 for power and 2 for signal) and this has me thoroughly confused.

The Zipabox of course needs 2 wires of which one is connected to e.g. Z1 and the other to COM.

I want to connect two of these wires in parallel to the zipabox.

How would I do this? Here are two wiring examples I did but not sure whether either would work? In one I assume it is indeed really a dry contact. In the other I assume it is actually transferring 12V (as I said I'm really confused about this)


  • I wanted to notify you that this drawing in the manual seems incorrect: b185cb7df6351a66e83ebf99a3e56e38 The resistor should not be in between the 2 NC contacts, it should be after the last NC contact.
  • For those like me who are researching the security features of the Zipabox here is usefull info I found:









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  1. Setting up users:
  2. Adding the Security Module:
  3. Security module connecting and installing:
  4. Security Module Configuring Zones:
  5. Security Widget In Zipato:
  6. Dutch Blog on the security Widget:
  7. Mini Keypad
  8. Mini Keypad

  9. A useful wiring example can be found here:

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