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Remotec ZXT-600

Sajad Alizadeh shared this problem 2 years ago

Hello dearI could not learn Remotec ZXT-600EU to Zipato Panel. Could you please help me to introduce this ir emitter to my zipatile?

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On Device manager, open zvave device tree and find our ZXT-600EU device.

Open setting page -> Configuration tab.

On bottom input Param (see user manual), Size and value and press SEND button (see configure_1.jpg).

After sent refresh device list and confirm value (see configure_2.jpg).


Hello Dear,

Thanks for your reply. i tried your solution but i also have some mistake. i could not see any object for adding the codes in zipatile and smart phone so i could not use the code for control the AC. you can also see the attachment number 1 and 2. and the other thing is when i want to add IR Codes, i have a lots of problem, sometimes when i add IR codes it take 2 days to add in control center and surprise me. please describe your solution completely.

after all i really thank you for following this problem.


I use my Remotec ZXT-600 with AC code (I didn't IR Code Learning)

For test I try next sequence for IR Code Learning:

1) Open config of "Zipato Infra red remote" (see config.jpg)

2) Write in input fields command name, for example ON, 17~19C Cool

3) Press LEARN Button, LED on remotec changed to green.

4) Press button on the AC remote control (For example Power ON button or set Temperature button).

5) LED on remotec flasing (3 times?)

6) For next command go to Step 3

You cannot send any command to AC from "Zipato Infra red remote" (this is only learning, I thinks this bug)

For send learned commands use "Remotec Thermostat Hvac" (I change name and don't remember default name).

See rule.jpg

Added: or You can use next rule2.jpg