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Request for beta firmware annoucements

Olivier Legros shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

Zipato is very active at the moment around releasing newer firmwares. Since last week-end, at least 1.0.8 and 1.0.10 have silently been released, yet no information about the fixes/enhancements.

I regret that Zipato is on one side recommending to use latest beta firmwares and another side not releasing annoucements of newer beta firmwares and what is being fixed.

I think zipato is relying a lot on its community to identify issues in their firmware, the sharing of what are the fixes of newer firmwares seems to me like a fair request.

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1+ I´m sure the Zipato-team does good work and fixes a lot of problem (even the problem with false alarms has been fixed, even though I´m still on .9.9999.8x4 and from my point of view I´m quite content with the progress. The reasons, I haven´t updated by now are just two points:

a) The System does exactly what I need. Without any information about what has changed, I don´t want to fool around with beta versions. I use the system in my old mothers flat and don´t want any surprise for her while I´m out working.

b) Troubleshooting is a pain without seeing the value of the variables.

I really like it to do beta tests but please add a changelog for betas as for the final version. And please give at least those, who use beta versions access to the variable feature (I´m not sure if its possible to see them somewhere else but for me even variables in the mailsystem only would make troubleshooting much easier. So I always have to set an unused device (433 MHz wall plug) as "sensor" and watch the graphs in the web ui which takes much time. (I already think about two more cheap devices just to monitor variables. That could be much easier.)

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