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Rule creator NOT user friendly

Marius shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I have now spent two hours trying to construct a simple rule related to time and weekends. With scipting possibilites I would have done this in 5 minutes!

All the time I get Error: rule2Java: NULL message when I click save on the rule.

I thought I would have to clean up the desktop, since I had a lot of puzzles that I suspected (well I don't know) that was interfering when saving.

When I dragged my puzzles to the trash can, I managed to click twice. And all of my rules were wiped out. Since I never managed to save my rule, it is gone.

I give up. This is too much hassle. Give me scripting now! Or at least a log or output other than rule2java: NULL!

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Yeah it can be a little trying. The error you were getting is almost certainly because you didn't fill in a part of the puzzle piece (say, select an action from the list, or fill in one part of a condition). Best to do it bit by bit and save frequently as you go.


Try letting us know what you are trying to do, so we can attach a pic of a rule for you, or attach a pic of the rule you are trying to create.


I almost went postal that day, but now I feel more chilled and it is only a tiny bit of irritation left. :-)

But seriously, there should be some guidance and feedback when building rules. I have a programming background and most of the time I understand why java complains (casing values of datetime and such). This time I was clueless, even after reviewing the rule many times. And then it just disappeared...

I still in mean that there should be a logging console. It would also be helpful for newbies, as they could post the log here to get help.

I also think there should be an "Are you sure you want to delete" message if one tries to delete multiple puzzles connected to each other.

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