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Rule for roller Shutter on time is not working

Olivier Legros shared this question 4 years ago
Need Answer


I have some fibaro Roller shutter 2.

I have made 2 scenes to open or close all the Roller Shutter in the same time.

I have made a rule to close all at Sunset and it work perfectly.

I have made a rule to open all at 8H00 the saturday, and it work

I have made 2 other rules to manualy open or close them, if I press a button on my ZipaTile, and it works.

The last rule is to open all roller shutter at 8H00, on Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday, and it doesn't work.

I dont understand why...

Please help me...1db92f683e5bc0b3e00eb5266c34a0da

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Find a solution.

I merge 2 rules (the rules for saterday and the rules for the other day and it work.