Rule not executed with luminance as trigger on fibaro motion sensor

Dieter Wijckmans shared this question 4 years ago

I'm struggling with getting a rule to work where I use the luminance as trigger for lowering the shutters on my windows.

When there's direct sunlight I would love to lower the shutters to keep the sun out.

I have installed a fibaro motion sensor which reports luminance as well and tested and verified it's communicating it's values. No issues there. The shutter can be controlled manually from the portal so no issues there as well.

I'm closing the shutters / waiting a bit / closing them a little bit further until the sensor is not in direct sunlight any more.

I've included the rule in attach.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious here who knows :)

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For testing the rule : Create a virtual level control. Use this as input instead of the luminance for testing the rule (adjust the if statements). Now you can test, if the rule would work with the right input. If this works than check the fibaro sensor: The fibaro only sends a report, when the luminance changes more than 200 lux.



Hello Dieter,

Try to add "Refresh all" in front of both "If - else" blocks.