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Rule of power failure with battery backup

Carlo shared this question 7 years ago
Need Answer

I have a battery backup module with the Zipato 3G stick attached, if I remove the lan it get connected to the cloud so it's working.

I need to create a rule that send me a push (and an email) when there's a power failure.

I'm using the attached rule but:

Case 1:

If I remove the LAN cable and leave the power I get the stick connected to the cloud. At this point I remove the power and I receive the push and the email; the battery status is now DISCHARGING.

Case 2:

If I remove the LAN and the POWER at the same time (simulating a power failure that switch off also my lan) I get the zipato using the battery backup, connected to the cloud and goin online but I didnt get any push and/or email so I suppose the rule it's wrong.

The other strange things is that the battery status is NORMAL andnot DISCHARGING.

Any idea?

thank you

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try using a wait command of 10 seconds after the join block. Maybe the power failure is not allowing the usb to register fast enough.

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