Rules are not executed, when trigger and actor are zipatile devices

Bernd shared this question 6 years ago
Need Answer

From time to time the same problem occurs. This is the rule:

But since a few weeks this rule will never be executed.

I checked the motion sensor it works. I checked relay 2 it works. I checked the virtual switch - also ok, but the lights in the starecase are not switched on.

Another rule, where the lights are triggered by a motion sensor linked to the zipabox is working properly.

So my guess is, that the the interaction between the zipatile and the cluster fails.

Any idea??

Best regards


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Move the JOIS a level higher between WHEN and the 1st IF statement.


Guys, it´s magic. I did not change anything but yesterday evening the rule was executed every time I entered the staircase.

The only thing which happened in the meantime was that I had to reset my router (FritzBox 7490) to factory settings as the telephone did not work. But, can it be that the router which seemed to do all the internet traffic properly hinder the communication between the Box, the Tile and the cluster so that the rule doesn´t start????

I´m a bit confused but happy that there is light again in the staircase


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