rules/devices backup in case controller fails

Theo Koster shared this idea 7 months ago

I have one Zipabox-1, that has all of my rules for controlling lights etc in my house. If the zipabox fails, I have a problem. So as a measure, I bought a secondhand zipabox-1, that I can use in case the operational one fails.

Besides a hardware backup, I also need a backup of the rules and devices to be able to restore it to the replacement zipabox.

2 questions :

1 :Is it even possible to restore a backup made on a zipabox, to another zipabox ?

2: The backup options cost is 29 credits (dollar)/year, rather expensive, I already have a dropbox file backup that is relatively much, much cheaper. So is there another way to make a zipabox backup, e.g. imaging, exporting, etc ?

Thanks for the help, kind regards Theo

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The backup option is way too expensive. It should actually be cost free. or a one-off payment

If the controller does not work, is this a zipato problem and do you have to pay for a bacup?


Another, even better way perhaps: I am considering using a failover configuraiton. The only thing is, what would be an easy way to copy the rules and devices from one box to the other. Either automatic or manual. Perhaps using a cluster would make this possible, there is I think no copy-paste possibility. All in all, the Zipabox is a great way of creating domotics with a low-code environment, however if you make your home appliances dependant on this system, there should also be a very good and easy way to come to a working situation again. E.g if my laptop fails for my work, the IT departments gives me a new laptop and within a matter of hours my complete work environment is re-established. This is what I would also expect for the Zipatobox. Using a high level of domestic domotics is no longer just a hobby, but is in that case also a critical system, just like your heater, fridge, etc. So any experiences, suggestions etc to achive this with the Zipabox in any way are very welcome.