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Running Scenes with Virtual Switches

Vineet Bhojnagarwala shared this question 6 years ago
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I'm trying to create few rules which will operate a group of devices just like a scene would do. I did not go the scene way for the reasons:

1. I could not find to trigger multiple IR commands with the same IR device, it shows the IR add command to include in the scene only once.

2. I wanted to be able to turn on and off a scene with just the scene name using Alexa, like "movie on" and "movie off", with scenes I would have to create two scenes with on and off and name them differently.

So basically I'm doing the below:

Created a Virtual switch "Movie"

in Rules: When Movie = On run a set of commands, when movie off run another set of commands.

Similarly, I've a second Scene rules for Cable viewing which I did as below:

Created a Virtual Switch "Cable"

in Rules: When Cable = On then run a set of commands, when cable is off then run another set of commands.

The issue is, if say I've turn the Movie switch on, then instead of switching it off, I ran the Cable switch on. Then I wanted to again turn the Movie switch on and it wont work as the Movie switch is already on. I cant turn the Movie switch off in the end of the rule as it will triger another rule to execute which will switch off all the devices.

Is there a way I can run a set of commands in rules irrespective of its present state ? Or is there a better way of doing scenes ? I want to map the scenes to gestures, touch buttons on the zipatile and be able to run using alexa.


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With my Google Home, I use a virtual meter instead your virtual switch.

So it's very simple and it limit the number of rules.


as you can see, you can do a lot of actions (more than 40 for me) with only 1 rule.

Don't forget to put the value "0" to your virtual meter at the end, so you will be to restart the same voice command without the problem that you have with a virtual switch.



It sounds like you're trying to create custom scenes for controlling your devices, and you're facing a challenge with the state management of your virtual switches. To ensure that your rules run regardless of the current state of the virtual switch, you can use conditional logic within your automation platform or smart home controller. Instead of directly triggering actions based on the state of the virtual switch, you could create rules that trigger when specific voice commands or gestures are detected by your Zipatile Alexa or populyrics. These rules would then execute the desired set of commands for the scene, irrespective of the current state of any switches. This way, you can have more flexibility in controlling your devices and avoid conflicts caused by the state of virtual switches. Additionally, this approach allows you to map scenes to gestures and voice commands easily, providing a seamless and intuitive control experience.

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