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Running Scenes with Virtual Switches

Vineet Bhojnagarwala shared this question 5 years ago
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I'm trying to create few rules which will operate a group of devices just like a scene would do. I did not go the scene way for the reasons:

1. I could not find to trigger multiple IR commands with the same IR device, it shows the IR add command to include in the scene only once.

2. I wanted to be able to turn on and off a scene with just the scene name using Alexa, like "movie on" and "movie off", with scenes I would have to create two scenes with on and off and name them differently.

So basically I'm doing the below:

Created a Virtual switch "Movie"

in Rules: When Movie = On run a set of commands, when movie off run another set of commands.

Similarly, I've a second Scene rules for Cable viewing which I did as below:

Created a Virtual Switch "Cable"

in Rules: When Cable = On then run a set of commands, when cable is off then run another set of commands.

The issue is, if say I've turn the Movie switch on, then instead of switching it off, I ran the Cable switch on. Then I wanted to again turn the Movie switch on and it wont work as the Movie switch is already on. I cant turn the Movie switch off in the end of the rule as it will triger another rule to execute which will switch off all the devices.

Is there a way I can run a set of commands in rules irrespective of its present state ? Or is there a better way of doing scenes ? I want to map the scenes to gestures, touch buttons on the zipatile and be able to run using alexa.


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With my Google Home, I use a virtual meter instead your virtual switch.

So it's very simple and it limit the number of rules.


as you can see, you can do a lot of actions (more than 40 for me) with only 1 rule.

Don't forget to put the value "0" to your virtual meter at the end, so you will be to restart the same voice command without the problem that you have with a virtual switch.


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