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Scenes with virtual thermostat bug - support suggest to pay for solving the bug

Pablo shared this problem 2 years ago

I have 4 virtual thermostat on a rule to do HEATING - RUN PROGRAM.

But when I run the rule, half of the VTs go to HEATING - RUN PROGRAM, and others to HEATING - UNTIL NEXT.

After several communications with support, they finally answered for having support for this I have to pay 65EUR/hour!!

So currently I do not recommend Zipato for your multiroom heating system.

To many bugs and not tested features are bodering me!

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I know the PRO license for 99 credits: it includes all the functions and support for one year and an update. What is the PRO1 package for 179 credits and that for a fee of 65 Euro per hour for support?


Hi Pablo,

Ivica has tried to solve your problem but did not find the solution and he is not certain if it's a bug or a configuration problem.

We try to support our customers the best we can, but we do not make their configuration for them. We simply do not have the resources for this. That is why he offered our paid service as an option. In that case we can go through all your configuration and devices and optimize everything.

Your problem is now getting another look and if it's a bug it will be solved free of charge.

Best regards,



Thank you Mislav,

4 thermostat with same kind of output and input, same manufacturer... One simple rule that fails... This is why I am convinced it is a bug. But if it is a config problem on my side that needs further investigation, please tell!


I had the same problem with a virtual meter who not take the value I put in my rule.

Exactly the same response... Need to pay.

I have 2 Zipatile, 2 pro licence....

I use an other way to do my rule, and it work.

So it's a bug but I will wait than an other guy pay for solving yhis bug....