Scheduler rule triggered twice

Miki Berdichevsky shared this problem 6 months ago


I have a rule which closes my Somfy RTS blinds. It's set to run at a specific time (scheduler). Due to an issue with controlling Somfy blinds, it first sets the blinds position to 0, waits 0.5 second, and then sets the blinds position to 100 (this is the only way I could make it work for sure, otherwise there could be issues due to the way Zipato handles it). In general, it works fine.

Thing is, I noticed that the rule is actually triggered twice. It is first triggered at the scheduled time, and then after around 30 seconds triggered again. I can also see in the events log that rule runs twice.

Any ideas what's causing it?

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Can you post a image of the rule?


Rule screenshot attached.