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Set up zwave alarm system

Hans Petter Lande shared this question 8 years ago
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I have recently acquired a zipato mini keypad, a door/window sensor and a siren which I will use to set up a small home alarm system.

So far I have:

- Connected all the devices to the zipato control centre

- Assigned a RFID tag and a pin code to the mini keypad

- Check that all components are functioning

I then made a rule that stated:

WHEN the keypad is set to: RDIF or PIN away

IF door sensor is Open

Turn siren ON.

I then sat the keypad to Away with the RFID tag and tried to open the door. Nothing happened.

What do I need to do to make the system functioning.

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WHEN door sensor is Open

IF the keypad is set to: RDIF or PIN away

Turn siren ON.

The better way is to use alarm zones.


yes try adding and configuring a virtual alarm. This is the best option.


I would also recomend you to set up a virtual alarm and add your door sensor as partition. you can configure your siren to sound automatically if the alarm is tripped and some other funtions. If you need more help with configuring the alarm let me know and I can help.

One piece of advice, if you expect to receive a warning from your siren during the entry/exit delay of the alarm, the built configuration will not suffice. I found that during these delays you cannot send a warning with either with built in config (entry/exit delays cannot be configured to make the siren chime for example) and neither with the rule creator since there is only Armed, Disarmed and Tripped Event, not "Entry Delay" and/or "Exit Delay". The way I went around this is not configuring an entry or exit delay, nor my siren. And trigger it using the following rule, hope this helps.

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