SM103 still OFFLINE after battery replacement

cricel shared this problem 8 years ago

Hi Zipato Team & Zip' users,

I have 2 devices SM103 still Offline after battery replacement.

So far when I changed battery for those 2 devices every 2 months, they turned back from offline to online.

But today I change my battery 2 times for each in case of faulty battery > same problem !!

Any ideas,

Details to Zip' Support : ZIPACHRIS

Capteur Entree / Door sensor / Hall

Everspring SM103

Device UUID = 149b2750-8658-4acd-bf1b-6ec7e4717bb1

endpoint UUID = 09548176-6ce4-44ee-9842-bf7f7552c7cc

Capteur Toilettes / Window sensor / Hall

Everspring SM103 Toilettes

Device UUID = 6ec0a100-bada-450c-8b8f-e2fecb353fd9

endpoint UUID = 6f78b72e-c88d-453c-bc19-179d6c4e844e

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Additional information : I did not try to remove / add the offline devices so far it had not been necessary when replacing empty batteries.


Try to do a apply device descriptors. Go to the actual item in device manager (highest level of item), go to settings, scroll down. There is a apply descriptors. You probably will need to wake up the sensor as well.

Hopefuly it helps.


Hi Attila,

applying descriptors was not enough : I had to remove / add my 2 devices

Now they work fine :> but I had to remove / add them in all my rules that is a Pain :/

Hopefully won't have to deal with this regularly.

Thanks for your help.

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