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samarthouse dz shared this question 6 years ago
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Good morning

we have a small project wich we will use

1- 3 zipatile

2- 11 MCO Home MH8-FC

3- 02 web server IPX V-4

4- 06 Extenstion X-8R

5- 05 X-4VR

- total Input /Output 64

- total Roller shutter 20

Question 1 : can we cluster The 3 zipatile between them to have the same system and control in/out affected for example in zipatile N 1 from another zipatile

Question 2 : the MH8-FC series is compatible with Zipatile ?

Question 3 : Wich Ip Videophone can you suggest us to integrate it with zipatile ?

Question 4 : Can we know the status of IPX output on zipatile, when we change the output ipx state directly from IPX input


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Samarthouse dz,

1. Yes you can cluster the three tiles to control each other devices, keep in mind that you will need to buy PRO license for each. This will give you all perks developed on Zipato platform during a year, after that you will keep the perks you already have but if something new comes out you won't have it (after the year mentioned), in order to get cluster you need to be PRO for one year at least (each).

2. As far as I know MCO thermostats are compatible with Zipato, our distribuitor in Mexico has integrated those within Zipato environment however you can always make sure by asking zipato team directly on

3. Do you mean video doorbells or video interphones? you can make video calls within the zipatiles by setting Zipatile Intercom. If you meant video doorbells I think the only one fully integrated with zipato is Doorbird.

4. To be honest I haven't worked with those either, can these servers work with MQTT or HTTP commands? If they can you can integrate them up to certain level depending on the device.

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