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Thermostatic (z-wave) valves, such as Danfoss LC13 or Popp they do calculate the inertia of the room and they do close if a window is open near them.

This means with the calculated inertia they could close the valve before schedule because, with the existing heat on your radiators they know they will achieve the set point in certain time. So they can close the valve and save that energy.

Also, if they detect a sudden drop of temperature, this is normally linked to a open window condition. So the close the valve to avoid wasting energy.

The issue I have found is they do not send that information to the controlle! Normally the unique information available on the valves is heating point and in some cases the temperature of the room. But not the %open or the “window feature”.

So it could happen all your radiators are closed, but your controller is asking the boiler to heat, because it hasn’t got this information. This means, the “energy saving” part you will not have completly (and if you have thermostatic valves in all your radiators and all of them are closed, while the boiler is on, you could cause a damage to it)

It would be nice to have access to this information from the valves: %open, open-window situation, and that information to be considered into the thermostats (also virtual thermostat from Zipato).

If any of you has dealed with this concepts/situations and would like to share some comments, it would be nice.

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With regard to damage to your boiler with TVR's

If you have TVR's on all your radiators then you should have a pressure bypass value on your boiler to prevent damage.

With regard to Danfoss sending signals "back"

The Danfoss do NOT nor will ever send information BACK to the controller. They are not designed that way. They will just receive a set point

With regards to energy saved when window open on the Danfoss TVR

You will still save energy because the TVR will switch off so the heat loss from the radiator will not be lost. It means that the boiler will not need to send energy to that radiator.

Hope that helps



Thanks Marcus. It was clear for me. They were just some thoughts in case someone was going throw same topics. Topics, by the way, better handled by commercial multi room heating thermostats, with no need of further programations or valves :)