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Strange behavior thermostat shown as light in device.json

Stefan Westhäußer shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi, I try to build Homebridge for HomeKit and use some already existing fragments.

First look all seems ok, but when I loop at the devices.json I can see that there are thermostats shown as uiType HSLIDER, which was the way how until now it was decided if the device cab ne loaded...

But this stops later on, with message

2018-01-02 21:06:09 - [zipabox] : Loading device --> thermostats [ERROR]

2018-01-02 21:06:09 - [zipabox] : Parse Query Result Error (device : thermostats) : ReferenceError: log is not defined

Here is an extract of devices.json, which contains more of them.. How can I see, if it is really a light?

"37f2272c-0f76-42b9-bbd4-f0026e3e3311": {

"uuid": "37f2272c-0f76-42b9-bbd4-f0026e3e3311",

"name": "Heizung Bad_TEMPERATURE",

"endpoint": "aa5fa1a6-e3c9-4c26-a237-cc716bd35566",

"uiType": "HSLIDER",

"description": "",

"iconName": "Light",

"iconType": "actuator.onoff.light",

"attributes": {

"8": {

"id": 8,

"name": "value",

"type": "NUMBER",

"definition": {

"name": "VALUE",

"attribute": "value",

"type": "Double",

"scale": 0,

"precision": 0,

"valueCount": 0,

"master": false


"uri_set": "lights/37f2272c-0f76-42b9-bbd4-f0026e3e3311/attributes/8/value"

THX for help!!

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