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Support for Proove PIR motion sensor 3115566

Mikael Granberg shared this question 8 years ago
Need Answer

Currently Proove devices are not supported, but I read somewhere on this forum that they will be in the near future and that you are currently testing a few Proove devices.

The thing is that I've got a Proove PIR motion sensor 3115566 and I successfully paired the device by using an other device profile for pairing. I've got everything to work flawlessly but I removed the device by mistake and now I can not remember which device I used for pairing. I do think it was an ON OFF Nexa switch but I am not sure. It feels like I've tried them all again Coco, Chacon and Nexa with almost every possible device but I am not able to get it up an running again darn!

Have you by any chance tested the Proove PIR motion sensor 3115566 so you can give me some hints on how to pair them?

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Hmm, over a year have passed and still no response to my question?

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