Switch someting don't turn the lamp

Michel shared this question 8 years ago


I use EnOcean Switch and module.

8 times out of 10 the rule goes fine but 2 times out of 10 nothing happened. Sometimes, I need to push on the switch 3 or 4 times

My rule is the basic one : when switch On / Lamp action On. The same for Off

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Thanks, I will try the join.

I am not sure it is the switch because I have another rule where I turn off 3 lamp and sometime 1 or 2 of then do'nt turn off. So in this case, the switch is ok.


I have tried de join, buit it is the salme thing.

I tried to push strongly on the switch but it is the same.

I tried to put the box near the switch and tne micromodule. The same.

Nobody have the same problem ?


Have some similar problem but with a switch that is not fully supported yet!

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