System Alarm Low Battery Alert

Bernd shared this question 5 months ago
Need Answer

Hi Guys,

I have for every battery powered device the ticmark set for low battery alert. I know that this works only when System Alarm Partition ist set active.

I have activated the system partition. When I look at the zones I see Main power and Cloud status in the system section. But I do not get any power low alert.

Has anybody this Low Battery Alert up an running? Do I have to create for every battery powered device a zone to get alerts? And if I have to which category (perimeter, security,..intern) I have to choose?

I need a bit assistance to get it running. Right now I recognize low battery status only by chance when I open the web UI.



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Does anybody have low battery alerts working? Or a other way to monitor battery powered sensors?


HI Alex,

No alert as email or SMS. Only a red icon on WEB interface.

If a solution exists, I'll be enjoyed