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Tamper alerts for Fibaro Window Sensors

Alberto Macias shared this question 8 years ago

Hello all,

I've been using Fibaro Window Sensors on my house and before I never enabled the tamper alarm, I did that yesterday and started to get my alarm tripped by a couple, one of them now is showing offline, the other one is fine. Is anyone having the same issue?

Message: trippedPartition: Security_AlarmArmed: DISARMEDTripped: trueTripType: TAMPERZone: 24_Window_CocinaFibaroWindowZone UUID: Endpoint: FibaroWindow_Cocina Door/Window SensorAttribute: STATEState: OPEN

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Thanks for the quick response. Yes both are Fibaro Door/Window sensor, to be honest I can tell the difference between zwave plus from zipato sensors and zwave from Fibaro, range is way better for Zipato sensors. I'm replacing a couple sensors that are further away from the controller anyway. I will check my sensors and let you know. Indeed one of them depleted its battery, I didn't have the tamper enabled before so I didn't noticed.

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