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I've a question regarding thermostats.

I've a Zipatile for more than a year now, and for the first time I get an error that I need to buy a PRO license.

I've configured a thermostat for my CV. in here I've configured an Heating Output without any problem.

Now I try to configure a second thermostat and when I try to fill in the output field for heating I get the message that I need to buy the Pro license.

Please can you help me out, when I bought my Zipatile this was not mentioned. It should be for free at that time and will change in the near feature. For ussers which had a Zipatile on that moment the upgrade should be free.

When I've to pay for this feature, is this a one time fee or is it a yearly fee, and when I stop paying the configured items will stop working.

Thanks in advance

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Rene Claassen

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Dear Rene,

There are two types of Thermostat that you can add to your Zipatile. Virtual Thermostat and Virtual Thermostat PRO.

In Virtual thermostat - you can add only devices that are related to thermostats (valves, physical thermostats, etc.)

In Virtual thermostat PRO - you can add other devices that are not related to thermostat. (Switches, relays etc.) and you can define temperature hysteresis.

By default Zipatile will come with 1x Virtual thermostat PRO. Without PRO licence you can add only regular virtual thermostats.

On this link is explanation for PRO licencing

PRO licence is actually set of features (Thermostat PRO, backup, SIP, PRO alarm and etc.) that you will receive and have them forever.

During one year after you purchase PRO licence all other features that we develop you will be able to use them any time in the future.

After one year pass you will stop receiving new features that we develop but all features that were available during this first year will be available forever.

After one year if you purchase PRO UPGRADE you will receive new features and with old features you will have them forever.

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Vedran, an additional question:

I bought two PRO licenses about one and a half year ago to get my Box and my Tile into a cluster.

So far so good. Obviously short after the one year period has ended Zipato provided the text-to-speech function to the ZipaTile with an active PRO license. So to use that do I have to upgrade again just the Zipatile or is it necessary to have both controllers on the same feature-level what means again to buy two licenses ?





Please can you explain this with the new license stucture.

When I need more then one thermostat, I have to by a Pro and a Thermostat license? You are just kidding me.