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tipa for remote control

Laurens Schattenkerk shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

hi to all,

i have a zipatobox with an addon box for 433 mhz.

i can use the coco 433 mhz with a remote control

and for z-wave and 433 mhz is no remote controle what include both protocols

so i came with a new idea.

when i use a wall switch acm1000 and nothing connected too it, and i make a rule when coco wall switch is on then activate the z-wave swith , i try tomorrow ive this work when it works then i only need one remote controle of coco too use the z-wave and 433 mhz modules

i hope it works

greetings laurens

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i was using the 16 channel coco (kaku) ayct-102 remote this way. Works perfect for on/off switches but dimming is in principle not possible. For dimming i have created a special rule (with a parameter counter); everytime when i press the on-button the dimmer goes 10% up and vice-versa. Not very convenient but it works...

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