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Unable to set security pin

Martin Andersen shared this question 5 years ago

When I create a new user, Zipato notifies my that I should set a security pin for the new user. But I am unable to do so because I am required to type in "Current PIN" - which I dont know? I have tried "0000", "1234" etc. but I keep getting this error (see attached)...

How to set a pin for a new user?

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Dear Martin,

please open a support ticket at and we will help you there out. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your reply. I have a created a ticket - hoping this will resolved soon.

Maybe this affects others as well?


Martin, when you create a new user, the current PIN is the Admin user PIN. This way only the admin can ensure to add any new PIN to the new user.

So current PIN is your PIN

New PIN is the new user PIN

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