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usa frecuency

Mortimer84 shared this question 8 years ago
Need Answer

hello, i buy a:EVERSPRING - Z-Wave Siren SE812, 908.4mhz US/Canada,

thinking that my zipato can work with this module, because the module range cover that, buy yesterday i try to pair it and nothing happens.

is it posible??

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If your zipabox is EU frequency it will not work at all.


thinking that my zipato can work with this module, because the module range cover that

What do you mean with that? Which range? The EU Zipato box works on 868.42 MHz. Your siren is 908.4 MHz.........?

I checked the Everspring SE812, and the one I was looking at states:


  • 868.42MHz (EU)/908.42MHz (US)/869.0Mhz (RU)
  • Operate by 4 X 1.5V Alkaline/LR14 type battery or DC6V
  • Operation range : up to 100 feet
  • Tamperproof protection
  • LED for indication and battery status
  • Built-in 100dB sounder for alarm
  • Wall mount design for indoor use
  • Two-level siren volume adjustment
  • Protocol : Z-WaveTM

So it seems the siren supports multiple frequencies, and if yours is the same, it should work. But my guess is that you need to RTFM and find out if you need to make a manual change to the frequency it uses. You should set it to 868.42 (assuming you are in the EU of course) If you reside in the US or RU, then set it to the correct frequeny.


I never heard of the possibility of a device being able to work on multiple frequencies. The / is used to indicate the options available for the device as or and not as and.


so it seems....... I found the actual manual, and indeed it is either, not both. So seems you have the SE812-2, but you need the SE812-1

Sorry friend, but you have to return it.........

Power Adapter (optional) 6V DC/600mA

Operating Frequency 868.42 (SE812-1)/908.42 (SE812-2)

Battery Type 1.5V LR14 size x 4

Operating Range Up to 30 meters line of sight (indoor)

ZDK Version V5.02

*Specifications are subject to change without notice A

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