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Using Zipato as your home alarm system?

Antti shared this question 8 years ago
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I'm still a total newbie to this Zipato and Z-Wave environment and my Zipato "starter kit" is still being shipped to me. Nevertheless I would like to ask a question here, since I haven't found an answer or a guide for doing what I want my system to do.

So, I have bought a Zipabox, a siren, two door sensors, Zipato keypad and some rfid tags. (I also have bought several other sensors but these are now the only ones that are involved in this question.) I would like to create a rule which allows me 20 seconds to react when a door is opened and to disarm (and arm) the alarm I want to use those rfid tags (can one tag only do one thing, or can it possibly handle both arming and disarming?) I have or by a PIN code in case I loose one of the tags etc. If the alarm haven't been disarmed in given time I want the siren to make it's job and I want the system to send me an email as well (also a txt message would be great but dunno if it's possible).

So, how make the system to:


  1. - by showing a rfid tag to the reader or by inputting a specific PIN
  2. - play a sound if a tag or PIN is accepted and arming sequence is started
  3. - 30 seconds time to get out
  4. - send an email saying "alarm armed" (or something similar) OR/AND send a push notification to your mobile device (if possible)
  5. - send an email if any door is left open


- if any of the door sensors change their state to opened you have 20 seconds to show a tag to the reader or input a correct PIN

  1. - play a sound if a tag or PIN is accepted to verify the disarming
  2. - IF no tag is read nor a PIN is inputted, sound the alarm for one minute and send an email (and a sms if possible) to me "alarm activated"

Also is it possible to arm the security system easily via the mobile app? I'm also going to add cameras and motion sensors later on to the system - are those easy to add into the same rule?

I would be really glad if someone could help me to figure this one out. I haven't found decent guides to set up a security system with Z-Wave environment and I'm totally a newbie with this thing... Any screenshot of a working rule or written guide is accepted. :)

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With Zipato you do not need to create a rule for the entry or exit since that is all handled when you create your Alarm partition. This where you would set up the settings for this. You can also set up a squawk which would make a sound if you disarm and arm the alarm but I use a rule for that since I have not had any luck with that working correctly.

The Tags can arm and disarm the alarm the system. You can set up up to 10 tags and pin numbers.

You can send messages through email, push, and SMS. SMS does cost money to send so you will have to have credits to do so.

You can arm and disarm the alarm via the mobile app. For motion sensors and cameras they are easy to add to the rules.

I also thought to let you know with the alarm portions you will be sitting up entry, exit, and perimeter zones. You can also set up followers as well to help limit the number of false alarms.

I do not have any screens hots to provide right now but when I have the time I will see what I can provide youyou. I just thought to let you know that this is all possible but will take some trial and error in the process to get it to your liking.


Thanks a lot for the fast response! Zipato community seems to be working nicely. :)

I'll have to check the alarm partition settings when I get my Zipabox here. I thought that you need to create rules for security as well - but this seems to be easier then. Hopefully the settings are easy to set as a new user.

Do you know if there's any articles or blog posts or something about the alarm partition and the zones? Would be nice to read about them so setting up the system would be easier to do.

BTW, does the squawk come from the keypad or from the Zipabox?


yes this is all done with the virtual alarm, or through your settings in the alarm partition.

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