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Virtual Thermostat scheduler doesn't work correctly

Pier Antonio Bianchi shared this problem 2 years ago

Hi all,

I have set a virtual thermostat for a Danfoss LC-13 thermostatic radiator valve to change from away to comfort temperature, but it doesn't work as expected

The thing is that it is apparently the only one behaving like that.

I checked the log file for this device. It is supposed to change temperature at 16:00 but until about 17:45 nothing happened.

Any hint about what should I check?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Pier Antonio Bianchi.

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I had an open ticket in old system regarding this without an answer.

I think, they have a bug when going to away mode and back, they calculate time in UTC+0.

Once, when I used away mode, it was on weekend when summer time changed to winter time and thermostat went to away mode 2 hours later and back one hour later :)



What is the wake up interval on your Danfoss LC-13? And is the VThermostat not changing mode or does the setting not "arrive" on the Danfoss?

I have about 15 Danfoss working at my home and I can see the virtual thermostats graphs that it is working without any problem.

Hope this helps.



Hi Beat,

the wake up interval is 5 minutes.

What do you mean by changing mode?

at 16h00 the 3 concerned valves are supposed to switch from night to comfort temp.

But I can see from the temp graph that it is not the case, switching around at 17:30

I have the same amount of Danfoss as you and only the three in the same room are behaving strangely.

A by-side question: when I change the temperature on a valve by the buttons or the app, the thermostat switch to "unitl next" program instead of "run program". That means that it keep the same temperature until the scheduler tell it to change its temp or what?


Hi Pier

Sounds really strange your problem. I suggest you contact support or maybe delete the VThermostat and create a new all your others work correctly.

Your by-side question...yes I think it is exactly how you describe it. Until next will change temperature at the next scheduler change.




Same issue here:

Hi, we made fixes for the thermostats in the latest beta 1.3.11

Could you update and try again?