Vision Door Lock ZM 1702 setup User Code

Stefan Winter shared this question 2 years ago
Need Answer

How can i create and setup User Codes and Master Code in the Zipatile?

Can anybody help me.

Thanks in advance


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It depends if this lock supports or ZIpato as integrated this function in its controllers.

If it does, then you need to use the online web control center, go to device manager tab, z-wave, find the lock, open the tree until you see user codes and open the setting icon. Here you should have options to enter pin codes.


Zipato says Vision Door Locks are Supported. But the don't say wich Modell.

The Door Lock is integrated in my System and the function Lock and unlock works with the Controller ver well. So far so good.

Then i go to device Manger -> Door Lock -> i have 2 entries called Vision Door Lock ZM1702 and one called User Codes.

I can go in the first entry "Vision Door Lock ZM1702" in the Tab Configuration i have five Slots for User Codes.

In the other Entry ->User Codes -> Configuration i have one place to write User Code.

In booth i have three Lines.

First is called "term for event"

second is "User"

third is "Status"

below there are three Buttons. 1.change 2. Learn 3. Reset

I fill out the Fields term for event and User and then i go to the Button "Change".

An extra Window pop up and want to save but it doesn't save. It never stops to save ( Circle Rotation).

Maybe someone can help me.



Thanks Alster,

But how can Epson Printer Tech help me in that Case?


Administrator, please check it, it is out of control