Vision Door Sensor ZD2102 - not reporting all events

Claus shared this question 8 years ago

I have the above door sensor set up but have two issues with it.

1. Not all events seem to be registered in the Zipabox. Some times it only registers a close but not the opening of the door. As this is used as the entry zone in my alarm setup it is somewhat problematic. I hesitate to install these on windows to enable arming those while home if they are not working reliably

2. from time to time the sensor registers as (trouble). How do I get it out of that state? It isn't obvious to me how to approach that issue as I can't find info on what makes it go into that state

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1. all messages received by Zipabox are certainly registered by Zipabox. If some messages doesn't reach the Zipabox the reason could be the low signal due to the distance or some interference.

2. trouble state means that Zipabox didn't get the "keep alive" message in certain period of time. Zipabox will remove this flag from the device automatically once it receives the "keep alive" signal again. Otherwise, after some additional period of time, devices will be declared as offline.

This issue, additionally confirms that above "messages" issue is caused by the low signal.


Ok - Thank you.

I was thinking that might be the issue. I will try to locate the Zipabox to a more central location in the house. What is the prescribed way of extending the range of the Zipabox? Adding more to a cluster or is there a range extender in the market?

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