Solved // Web-App crashes, Virtual Thermostat not working

DaGrizzly shared this problem 8 months ago

when i came home today, my thermostats where heating non-stop.

I was wondering, but i thought maybe it's just a new setpoint (higher than before).

But now (3h later) they are still heating, so i checked the virtual thermostats. There is just a "loading circle".

1) Do you have changed something on the Cloud Version, that corrupts my Zipaboxes ?

2) Also, when you have that Loading Signs you cannot switch to another part of the web-app, because it's frozen and blank.

3) Reloading the webapp is also not a solution - same problem


opened a ticket for that


has anyone the same issues?



Zipato had a server problem... seems to work now


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hello ,

same here how did you resolve the issue? and what is the exact problem please?



Hello, as written above in the update - the support fixed the server issue.

I added just a virtual thermostat zone and deleted it. I don't think that had any to do with the solving itself.