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What devices are supported for Irrigation?

Marcus Khoo shared this question 9 years ago
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The Zipato web site clearly states that you can use a Zipabox to control irrigation.

However, what devices are supported for this feature?


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I have the same question..


i tried a solution for that and it works

1- you have to bye a solenoid valve

2- you have to get a single switch

connect the solenoid valve to the main water line between the source of water and the distributing line

connect the single switch to the solenoid valve and now you can control the valve switching on off the water flow

N.B the valve have to be 220v or 110v debending on your location


Thanks Mohamed,

That is novel but it just switches it on and off. What about moisture in the ground and a rain detector so that you do not water your garden when it is raining or when the ground does not need it.

The Zipato web site states that a Zipabox can control irrigation systems. If that is really true then I would expect devices that allow full control of the irrigation system, not just a switch on and off.

I am curious as to what devices have been tested in the Zipato lab that allow irrigation to be fully controlled via a Zipabox.


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