What's different between these two "flavors" of Zipato on Amazon?

Lorenzo Gallucci shared this question 9 years ago


I found two different kind of "classic" (not mini) Zipato controllers on Amazon, namely:


(259€, with "zigbee" inside the name)


(239€, without any "zigbee" tag)

I couldn't figure out whether those devices are the same, or if the first one is different and, perhaps, has zigbee built-in (which may justify the higher price and may be more convenient for space reasons). Moreover, I hadn't find any zigbee-builtin Zipato device on Zipato site, it seems that in Zipato's world Zigbee is available only as an expansion module.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

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Hi Lorenzo, they did supply these once. They were called a Zipabox duo, and came as either z-wave and ZigBee or z-wave and 433mhz. The problem was the antenna's were too close to each other and reduced there range and reliability. I think they still produce them, its just cheaper for retailers to sell the Zipabox z-wave only option with optional ZigBee expansion.

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