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Nathan shared this question 8 years ago
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Does anyone have one of these working? I installed mine last night and the conflicting documentation is enough to drive someone crazy.

For some reason, my Zipato won't show the Security Module as shown in the video posted here:


The installation directions included with the unit (v1.0) indicate it can be installed on either side, but the ones online (v1.2) specify the left side. Also, v1.0 doesn't mention the need for resistors, whereas v1.2 of the directions say that 5.6k ohm & 1.0k ohm resistors are necessary and included. Mine didn't come with any resistors.

Does anyone know how to get this thing working?

I'm not sure if the "Security" is the wired module, or if it's the window / door sensor that shipped with the package.

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I think you need the resistors, the idea I think is that you either are aware of what you are doing or employ a security expect to wired it in for you. Thus they would provide the resistors. And I think it should be installed on the left side.

If you did not get any included resistors or was sold an older model, contact your supplier/dealer.

I am not sure what the first picture is of. But the second that diplays "security" refers to the security partition of the Zipabox.

Look here for a more detailed explanation of features


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