Work without Internet (Zipato-KNX/IP)

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Is the security system (combined of Zipabox2 and KNX devices via KNX/IP interface) still able to work when disconnect to the Internet? Ex: Armed system --> Internet down --> someone open the door --> will siren alert?

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every Zipato controller on V2 platform is independent from the internet connection for rules and alarms. It means, every rule and alarm will react (even if there is no internet connection) if all trigger devices are connected directly to the Zipato controller (not via Zipato cloud like http requests, or to the another controller in the cluster etc.).

On V3 platform, rules and alarms can be configure within Master/ Slave servers and if all servers are in the same network (green network icon under Server list screen in the mobile app) then internet connection is not required to triger rules and alarms.