Zipabox + Danfoss thermostats

Piotr shared this problem 5 months ago


I have a Zipabox unit and several Danfoss 014G0013 Living Connect thermostats. My heating system is build up of gas therme and simple radiators. Normally the system is configured that during night and in the middle of the day therme is lowering the temeprature (or even is switching off).

However I decided to add Danfoss thermostats to control temp of different radiators. There is a thermostat module build in the ZIpabox software which is very good. In order virtual thermostat works I need a source of temperature meausrement which are Fibaro motion/temp/light sensors.

The problem that I face is that after setting the program in the virtual thrmostat or setting the temperature and freezing the program after some time Danfoss closes itself and sets temp to 4 Celsius degrees. Then I need to restart virtual thermostat and it works for some time.

Can you suggest what is wrong with that? Is it something connected with the fact that gas therma is switching off and danfoss realizes it somehow?

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I would ask that you open a ticket on with the System Serial Number of your Zipabox device.




I have ZB1 + 15 DLC and it is working fine with thermostat pro...


Now I know what I did wrong and why it did not work. Thanks to Zipato guys.

When building up a thermostat zone, i.e. heating setting, I have been choosing a fibaro temperature sensor as an input instead taking a one of thermostats. This was the mistake which was leading to miscomunication between devices. When Zipato Prof Support changed it online it works perfectly !!!

BTW. Topic to be closed.