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I would like to know a little bit more about your product. My objective is to set two domotic automatic blinds to close and to open progressively depending on the radiacion and temperature of my living room.

I thought in your Zipabox connected to the following:

- 2 Fibero Roller Shutter (one per blind)

- Philio PSM 01 Multi-sensor (temperature, movement and luminosity)

My questions are:

- Do you think I could do it with only one Fibero Roller Shutter?

- Can you please confirm me that the Zipabox is able to connect easily and effectively with both?

- Do you think I will be able to programme a progressive openning depending on the radiation and temperature?

- What about the Zipatile? Is a substitute for Zipabox?

Thank you very much in advance, best regards

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Hello Aleix,

Here are the answers to your questions:

Each motor usually requires one controller so you will probably need two if you have two blinds so you can operate them separately. Of course I do not know your exact installation so you need to take a look at the physical configuration and the device data sheet to know the exact requirements.

Zipabox is compatible with many devices. You can take a look at the attached list for more info.

You can use a lot of parameters for programming your controller and sensors with our rule creator, for example temperature or some other parameter. So yes, you can program a percentage used for opening your blinds depending on the set parameters.

ZipaTile is not a substitute for Zipabox, it's also a Z-Wave controller but more feature rich with integrated sensors and a touchscreen interface. For details regarding this controller take a look at this link:

You can also take a look at our sensors if you need to add additional devices:

Best regards,



Hello Aleix,

I have a Zipabox, two Zipatiles, Qubino Shutter controllers and Fibaro Multisensors as well as Aeotec Multisensors (motion, luminosity, temperature...). Yes, you can control blinds the way you mention (based on luminosity, temperature, etc.) however there are a few things you have to have in mind;

1. You need one blind controller per blind motor. I know from users on this forum Fibaro Shutter control is compatible but last time I heard, Zipato does not support venetian blind mode, perhaps @Mislav can confirm this. Zipato is compatible with Qubino venetian blind mode.

2. You have to realize that any of these devices control the position of the blind based on time, there is no way to accurately feedback the blind position (resolver, encoder, etc.) these controls rely on timing and the limit switches usually the blind motors have for end of positions. You might struggle a little bit with the position, depending of how accurate you are expecting this to work, this is not Zipato's problem, all controllers will have the same issue.

3. You will need to configure your luminosity / temperature sensor to update Zipabox more regularly to be able to move the blinds more often, this will make the sensor's battery to last less time.

4. The Zipatile's big advantage against Zipabox is the integrated screen, and added horsepower to the processor, if you are willing to spend more money I would suggest you to go with the Zipatile, unless you require a bigger battery backup or the flexibility of the Zipabox' expansion module.

5. If you don't need the flexibility of the Zipabox nor the screen of the Zipatile (and added sensors and features) I would suggest you to go with the Zipamicro, is wireless and more powerful (newer) than Zipabox.

Best Regards.


Hello Alberto,

Thank you very much for your clear, extended and detailed answer. It really helps.

Going per points as you started:

1. I will plan to install then two different shutters, if you have Qubino and you are happy with them perhaps I will buy those, I saw I will be able to monitor the electrical consumption also ;)

2. Don't you think I could programme like a PID (closed loop) in order to command the opening and closing depending on the data I have from the sensor? Imagine: I programme that I want the blind closing until the radiation gets lower than 400W/m2 or something similar... what do you think?

3. In connection with that, I understand that Zipabox can have a backup module but my question is: Do I need to buy the backup module to maintain the programme? Could be that I lose the programme due to an electrical blackout? Does Zipamicro works in the same way and with the same interface to programme my rules?

4/5. What do you mean if I not need flexibility? I think Zipamicro could be enough for me: I understand I can connect the sensor and the two shutters to programme my blinds, isn't it? Apart is Zipamicro able to connect a camera and microphone in the future?

Thanks in advance for your help. Regards



No problem, glad I could help.

1. I like Qubinos, sometimes are a bit tricky to include but they work very good. I don't have experience with other shutter controllers, even Zipato has shutter controllers. Again, I'm not sure if they support venetian blinds. Yes, all qubino devices report back electrical consumption.

2. You can do "closed loop" but as you mention by using other variables, like temperature or luminance, but there is no easy way feedback position to the controller accurately. What all controllers do for this is for example, let's say the blind takes 100 seconds from complete closed to complete opening, the controller shows 100% when opened and 0% when closed, if you command the controller to go to 10% it will command the blind controller to move and it will move for 10 seconds. You can for example, determine a luminosity / temperature scale and then command the blinds to move based on that, however the positioning control is based on time. I hope I made myself clear.

3. Sorry I think I didn't explain myself correctly, all zipato controllers retain their program in case of a power failure, also they sync with the cloud everytime they reboot (update values). The backup module of the Zipabox is a battery which lasts more or less 24 hrs and also gives the ability to use a 3g dongle to keep the Zipabox connected to the internet in case of an internet failure. The interface is the same for all zipato controllers. You can also buy the option of cloud backup of your controller.

4/5. In my opinion Zipabox is the most flexible controller from Zipato family, it resembles an industrial PLC with its modularity. With Zipabox you can start very simple (only the Zipabox) which will give you the hability to control Z-wave, IP and virtual devices, BUT, you can buy more modules to stack on the zipabox which will give you flexibility to add for example; Battery backup, 3g backup, connection to wired security systems, 433 Mhz, Zigbee, KNX, etc. See below link and check the expansion modules at the bottom. Zipato controllers can add security cameras as long as they are IP cameras with ONVIF protocol, you can contact Zipato support directly to find out compatibility of specific devices.



1. You need one blind controller per blind motor. I know from users on this forum Fibaro Shutter control is compatible but last time I heard, Zipato does not support venetian blind mode, perhaps @Mislav can confirm this. Zipato is compatible with Qubino venetian blind mode.

I can confirm that only Qubino works in venetian blind mode. Fibaro has some special implementation that works with their controllers but not with other manufacturers it seems.



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