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zipatile alarm

importhomesas shared this question 4 years ago
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Hello everyone

I have a question about the alarm system of my zipatile.

the function of "armed home" is enabled by when the arm does not work.?

how the sensors are configured to work with this alarm setup.

Thank you

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?? Not sure what you mean by "armed home is enabled by when the arm does not work"

Do you mean that arm home is activated when trying to arm away?

Arm Home uses all the sensors/zones within that partition that have been added as perimeter sensors, arm away uses both these and interior sensors also.


hi adrian

I have several motion and magnetic sensors but when I set up the alarm system in "arm home" mode I open a door or the motion sensor activates nothing happens and the alarm system is not activated.

but when I activate it in "arm away" mode it works fine. I do not know if I'm setting something wrong or this mode is not enabled.


The arm away only triggers if a sensor is inserted into the zone as perimeter type. Usually the door sensors should be inserted that way. Motion sensors should not be.

You will have to reconfigure all your door sensors zones as once it is configured, it cannot be changed.


According to this, for the "arm home" alarm to work properly, the magnetic and motion sensors must be configured as perimeter and not inside.

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