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Zipatile and Underfloor Heating

David Ryan shared this question 7 years ago
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Is the Zipatile capable of controlling electric underfloor heating?

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I have successfully connected the following underfloor heating thermostat to Zipabox:

Zipabox recognizes the product as "Heatit In-Wall floor thermostat". I found the following:

-which looks identical to the one sold in Norway. I don't know which is OEM and which is the original brand, though.


The English instructions are available here:

Fro what I can see, the product seems to be Norwegian, but sold elsewhere as "Heatit".


We do support Heatit thermostat through Z-wave connection.

However, you may try using Zipatile itself as floor heating thermostat as well. It has two dry outputs in the back, for connecting electrical valves. If the power of builtin relays is not enough, you may use an external relay which you can easily buy in some electronic shop. Since you have two of them, you can use them for controlling 2 heating circuits if needed.

Also, you have a dry input on the back of the Zipatile, which you can use for connecting floor heating thermometer for over heating protection. Additional thermometer for room temperature is already built in Zipatile itself.

Once you connect everything properly, you can immediately start using integrated Thermostat application, or you can use various options to customise it according to your specific requirements. Of course, you can also use our Zipato Rule Creator for some further adjustment and integration with other devices, scenes...


Thanks Robert,

I already have a Heatit thermostat controlling my underfloor heating. I was just wondering if it could be done using the Zipatile and it seems it can, thanks Sebastian.


What is the power of the built in relay of the Zipatile?




  • Touch sensitive 8” screen, 800×1280 px
  • 6 programmable scene buttons
  • Dual dry output 230VAC, 1A
  • Dry input 12-24VDC
  • External temperature sensor, 1-Wire DS18B20,
  • 2MP video camera
  • Muti-sound alarm siren
  • SD card
  • Speaker 8Ω/0.5W
  • Microphone

Zipatile PDF brochure with tech specs:


Thank you Robert.

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