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Zipatile and Zipabox without cluster?

Michael Hertlein shared this question 6 years ago


do I always need the cluster option to use a Ziptile together with my existing Zipabox?

I don't need a new controller, I just want a wall-device to control my existing network. I cant't just replace my Zipabox with the Zipatile, because I have EnOcean devices, that Zipatile doesn't support. And I don't want to use an android tablet, because I don't like the wall-mounts for tablets.

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No you don't need a cluster and yes you can use the Zipatile as a wall panel to control your Zipabox.


Are there any limitations beside not having ZigBee? Can the sensors and the buttons on the side be used?


All you need to do is switch between each controller so everything will still be usable. You can even use the PC desktop app to switch between the two controllers.

Having a cluster set up just makes things easier by combining the controllers into one interface.

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