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Zipatile display MIRRORED !!!

Robert Hercz shared this problem 5 years ago

When I woke up this morning, the display on my Zipatile was completely mirrored! (see attached pix). The touch functions, however, were not.

The ordeal started with the Zipatile insisting on displaying devices which have been long deleted, and refusing to remove the, no matter what I did (refresh, reboot, resync etc).

Zipato support suggested that I reset my account password in WebUI/ControlCenter, log out on Zipatile and log back in again. That fixed the immediate problem, and the correct devices were shown. I have not yet had a chance to check if it was possible to remove/add devices and that they would display properly.

The thread is available here:

Any ideas or shared experiences anyone?

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Update: This evening, I tried another full shutdown and restart. The Zipatile display is no longer mirrored.


I am now on the new firmware and my issues with the app not reflecting the correct devices, rooms and names has been resolved. When i change something now it is reflectd without having to reset the pw anymore.

As far as the mirrored screen, i had this once as well. Simply restarting the zipatile resolved that for me.


Have now also updated all my Zipato controllers to the new firmware. Hopefully the issues are now gone, although there's no mention of these kinds of problems anywhere in the changelog...

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