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zipatile offline and no icons on the screen

Jozef Humaj - shared this problem 5 years ago

My tile is not responding to any remote access attempt and when i came to it, it looks like on the photo attached. Any advice how to prevent this state?

regards Jozef

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As it is an old android based device, it can freeze sometimes. I guess when you restart it connects to the wifi and to the cloud...

The display issue is most likely a bug in the zipato app running on it. I experienced similar problem, where I has a lottle more displayed (the top part: time, weather station alarm...| but I had no widgets not even add new and ths I was unable to control anything other than the alarm.

I dont remember how I fixed it but definitely I did a restart.


I have updated tile with latest beta release and it is working well... I'm curious for how long....



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