Zipatile vs Zipatile 2

Bart Warot shared this question 2 years ago
Need Answer

Hi guys,

anyone knows exactly what is the difference between 1st and 2nd generation of Zipatile.

I have 1st generation and it is very slow, touch screen is not laminated, cannot run google store apps with google services. Camera is s...t with no WDR or night vision. No WiFi 5ghz. Every 3 days it lags (Z-Wave) and need a restart. Connecting other IP cameras well is really bad and not live stream. No widgets or custom screens (anywhere like Imperihome). Launcher seems counterintuitive and home screen wastes space with stupid large margins, fonts that do not scale when settings for fonts are set to larger than normal, no customization. Just give us a launcher that we can make our own, not static page. Screen gestures, know yourselves.

Don't get me wrong, it is like a marriage. We still love each other it is just those little big annoyances. This is still my hub and central panel. Nevertheless, potential is greatly lost.

I run: Sonos speakers (cannot update sonos app because not google services), Xiaomi vacuum (installed not from google play). +30 Z-Wave instances.

I cannot: specific apps for weather, smog alerts, sonos (official), good surveillance app (like TinyCam Pro). And all above.

I tried ImperiHome on a secondary tablet but it breaks Z-Wave on Zipatile and need a reset.

So my question. Did it get any better? Is it worth upgrading? Is spec hardware wise better, is it more open system?

Regards Bart

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Maybe time to address this question?